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"Spiritual Teachers of Mankind /XIX-XX Cent/"

Spiritual Teachers of Mankind /XIX-XX Cent/

"The Creation of the World. God. Man."

The Creation of the World. God. Man.

"Metaphysics. Universal principles of cosmic and worldly existence."

Метафизика. Универсальные принципы космического и земного бытия

Course "Talks on Esoteric"

Book I "Metaphysics. Fundamentals of esoteric philosophy. Universal principles of cosmic and worldly existence."

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Book I


We live in unique, complex and unimitable time. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that the planetary life is making its regular evolutionary turn. The planet entered a new millennium and a new epoch. The time, when we live can rightly be called unique, because analogous periods repeat every 2 thousand years. The development of life on the earth is not a chaotic process. It’s going on by definite stages. Every period lasts for more than two thousand years. The development of life on the earth is not a chaotic process. It’s going on by definite stages. Every perion lasts for more than two thousand years. In these periods inevitably arise specific forms of culture, arise and disappear nations, faiths, social structures. Peculiarities of culture, faiths, form of existence correspond to the level of development of masses, mass consciousness. During each 2,2 thousand years (this period is called epoch or era) humanity goes through definite experience; in the result it develops; new notions of life, death, Gods appear; it creates new forms of culture, social structure, faiths. Now we exist in the period of change of epochs. It’s not only the time of epoch changing, but also the time of the origin of a new civilization.
There goes into the past the Christian epoch with its ideas, outlooks, culture, faiths, notions of life, death, God; a new epoch comes into being, a new civilization with a new culture and new ideas about life, death, God, man, the good and the evil must appear.
2 thousand years ago began the epoch of Pisces. It was marked by the coming onto the earth a planetary Teacher, a great reformer of human existence – Jesus Christ. The fact that Christ was a teacher of the new period, the period of Pisces, is proved by mentioning the symbol of Pisces passing through add the four Gospels.
He announced active charity to near as the only condition of staying on God’s kingdom; he gave the world a further stimulus for moral, spiritual improvement and gave man the methods of spiritual existence here on the Earth.
He came at a very cruel century. The slave – owning system was reigning. A murder was an ordinary episode and wasn’t considered a sin. And under these conditions this man spoke of the necessity of love and human compassion. Cruelty and violation exist up to now. Humanity has not learnt to love. Of course we cannot love near, but already understand that love is necessary, and that is already much.
The aim of his coming, his suffering and that moral program he gave the world was to prepare us for the coming of a new epoch which is now beginning. It was not by chance that the leitmotiv of his Teaching was love for any near. 2 thousand years of Christian era trained planetary humanity for the coming unity. The world religions that appeared at this period – Christianity, Islam and Buddhism – made initial unity of the planetary population, uniting millions of people of different nationalities, cultures and traditions into multimillion communities of Christians, Moslems and Buddhists.
In the new era humanity must join into one family, these religious forms will disappear as they completed their missions.
Thus the Christian epoch, which lasted more than 2 thousand years, is going away into the past. A civilization based on definite ideas, outlooks, myths of life and death, man and God, a civilization which created a definite culture, a form of economic and political relations between peoples is going away. All this created culture will inevitably undergo strongest changes. By the time everything will change – the ideas about man and his life on the Earth, the ideas about death, about the connection of the earthly life with the cosmic one, the notion about God.
Very many modern ideas, outlooks and notions of life, death and God will look like na?ve, ignorant prejudices to the future generations of people; in the same way many notions of the ancient people look like na?ve, childish outlooks to us, contemporaries of this passing away civilization.
Just remember that quit recently man’s world outlook has been quite wild and na?ve from the point of view of modern physics, Quite recently the Earth has been seen as the centre of the Universe. The Univese seemed tiny, and God was on the nearest cloud watching each man. These views seem wild, na?ve to the representatives of representatives of modern physics. But the notions of modern physics seem as na?ve and possibly funny from the point of view of the Initiated ones.
The future civilization will acquire quite a new form, the relations between states, peoples and separate people will change completely. All this inevitably happen, because the ideas of humanity about the very essence of life will change radically. A radical change of ideas about the essence of life and death periodically occurs among humanity. It usually happens in the period of change of epochs. Thus Jesus Christ brought into the world completely new, unusual for contemporaries ideas about the sense of life, death and God. It became the ideological basis of the appearing Christian epoch.
Now the new next epoch is originating. We live it the time of birth of the new world, new civilization, new culture.
Listen, history held its breath. Now, under our very eyes a whole epoch is going into the past. It will inevitably take away with it all the previous culture, forms of being, economic and political forms.
That is why the present is the time of inevitable processes concerning all the forms of life. This is a global critical moment in the history of mankind, a moment of going onto a new stage of evolutionary development.
This is how E.I. Roerich wrote about this time:
“The time our earthly humanity is going through is the time of transfer from one evolution, when intellect was developing, to the evolution of spirituality when spirit will begin to prevail over intellect.”
The peculiarity of the modern period is the fact that two epochs are present at the same time – the leaving and coming. This is dawn when night is still present, but day already begins.
In the new epoch humanity will face joining into one planetary family. All planetary governing will appear, borders will disappear. Jointly peoples will discuss such problems as space exploration, ecological problems, problems of illness and starvation.
During this epoch there will inevitably appear a united planetary spiritual culture, all-planetary cosmic knowledge, united planetary world outlook, based on true knowledge of the organization of the universe, about Laws of existence, the evolution of man and mankind.
Further on humanity will progress from the state of maximum development of intellect to the state of superconsciousness with the help of creating new united psychology based on the new knowledge about man and his possibilities.
It is quite obvious that the first signs of the coming epoch are entirely present in the planetary life. The association of Europe into single economic and political space, different associations of peoples and states – all this is the evidence of one planetary process. Processes of globalization are impossible to stop. In the new epoch a new social structrure will inevitably appear on the Earth. But the consciousness of masses must change so that the association of peoples could become reality.
The modern civilization, the form of social existence, the relations between peoples and the relations between men are too far from harmonious.
Humanity’s existence on the Earth is going on still in the conditions of hostility, evil, struggle, aggression. A separate man lives that short period of time, which he calls “life”, in constant bustle, struggle, fighting for his interests, self-assertion and leaves this world quite broken down physically and emptied morally. Only now by the end of the epoch of Pisces it has become possible to speak about humanism, civilized society, truly human relations between people. Why can’t humanity live otherwise yet? Why can’t a separate man live his life in harmony with nature, his near, people of other nations and faiths? Because the life of a separate man and human society is based on false notions of life in general. If a separate man knew the true sense of his being here on the Earth, if he had exact, true notions of life, death, soul, evolution of consciousness, the Universe, his relation to the world, people and nature could possibly be quite different.
“Unity!” is the motto of the coming epoch.
Only having united, humanity will be able to solve the most complicated problems confronting it: the problem of ecology, hunger, terrible illnesses, search for new sources of energy, Peoples’ unification is inevitable and necessary, but it’s impossible to realize it at the present state of masses’ consciousness. Peoples are separated by religions, political and social structures, borders. There are two ways to overcome this state of affairs. The first is sufferings. Life through suffering will induce to overcome national enmity, intolerance, chauvinism, religious confrontation. Life itself will induce to develop new, brotherly consciousness, love for near, respect for every people. Many peoples on the Earth are already going this way. The second way is teaching the best, intellectual part of each people other view points of life, its values, teaching this elite part of the planetary population ancient knowledge about the Universal life and its laws.
Not a single outdated religion is able to form peaceable, brotherly consciousness of masses. Now religions are the source of enmity and intolerance. A new Teaching, new Knowledge, new Idea are necessary. Humanity can’t differently organize life on the planet, go out into the expanses of cosmic life without notions of the Universe, its laws, effect of its forces and energies. It won’t be able to reach a higher state of consciousness, if it keeps saying teaching given it in the previous period of development.
In humanity’s history there always appeared new teachings on the threshold of beginning epochs. It was a necessary conditions of humanity’s evolution.
A new teaching always rejected the previous notions of life and asserted other ideas unusual for masses.
That is why every new Teaching was induced to defend itself, always was it accepted with difficulty. A new Teaching, which will be accepted by humanity in the new epoch, will also be induced to overcome the resistance of religious and scientific structures. But its assertion is inevitable and necessary.
Life develops in the conditions of inevitable collision of the old with the young, the leaving with the arising in all its spheres. We can also see this struggle of old ideas, viewpoints, notions against appearing new ideas and viewpoints in our social life and the planet’s life.
Russia, like the whole planet, is making an evolutionary turn and, like all evolutionary turns, it brought the ruin of an outdated form of life in our country. Russia, like the whole planet, lives on the threshold of the new epoch of Aquarius.
The XXth century, completing the epoch, was described in the literature of apocalyptic character, both Christian and Indian. It’s no wonder that wars, change of social structures, revolutions are typical of it. Because before building a new house the old one must be destroyed and its place cleared.
The last century completing a whole epoch in humanity’s development is always critical in all times. Critical, because a whole epoch is passing away into past. With its leaving there inevitably change many forms of existence, economy, policy, culture.
Thus a whole epoch, Christian era, is going away into the past. Old, stable forms of the leaving civilization are collapsing to leave the place to new forms. The destruction of the outlived, outdated is an inevitable law of life. Most actively these processes of destruction took place in the XXth century.
It was started by the Ist world war which swept away from historic scene the obsolete form of ruling – monarchy. Only 100 years, an extremely short period in the history of planetary humanity, were left before the approach of the new epoch of planetary democracy. The fates of millions of people can’t depend on one person with the doubtful right to anointing, confirmed by church. The world shook off this obsolete form of governing at the price of the lost in the Ist World war. The century was commemorated by a revolutionary explosion, which shook not only Russia. The century is characteristic of attempts of violent kind to create a new form of existence, a new form of social, national relations, a new outlook. In the last century there appeared the ideology of fascism and the ideology of communism. In this century the whole mankind underwent the experiment of totalitarian regime in this or that form. The II world war revealed all the disgusting essence of this regime. The planet slowly and gradually got free from fascist regimes at the price of victims. Still now in torments and sufferings humanity is eliminating the last remainders of the totalitarian idea: “the right of a strong people to govern others, to destroy other peoples”. This tragic experience considerably changed the consciousness of the planetary population. The aspiration to democratic governing became all-planetary.
Those planetary processes which are going on now-religious clashes, attempts of spreading the youngest planetary religion – Islam, migration of a considerable part of Moslem population to the countries of Europe, conflicts arising in the result, wars aiming to let humanity free of the power of obsolete, dead religious ideas. All the world’s religions must inevitably complete their influence. In this epoch there will be adopted a united ideology, united philosophic – religious knowledge, that will be able to organize life on the planet in a new way.
There is going away into the past the last formation spread on the planet most of all – capitalism; its motto was: “the right of the proprietor, investor, employer is sacred”.
The motto of the arising civilization: “Life, freedom, the right of every person to creative activities is sacred”. But we can’t think so as yet. This idea hasn’t yet become predominant in the consciousness of the planet. This idea will become predominant in the consciousness of the planet’s population in future.
Russia, like the whole of the planet, is making an evolutionary turn and like all evolutionary turns, it brought collapsing the obsolete form of life in our country. Exactly like 1917, unexpectedly for the majority of the population of the country, the former social structure was destroyed, the idea of the former state system was rejected, and there began to be gradually built a new state with a new idea of social structure. But a new ideology didn’t originate, wasn’t formed as yet. A new state structure, which appeared in 1917, was created during some decades, it was based on communist ideology: “Everyone must take part in socially useful labour. The society pays everyone according to the measure of the applied labour and guarantees everyone definite social rights. The aim of the society is the gradual improvement of collective existence”.
The result of it was the appearance of a new culture, new people, new mentality, new language, customs, morals, foundations. The Russia of the Soviet period had nothing to do with the Russia of the end of the XIX century. This is the most essential result of that historic event which took place in 1917 – the origination of a new state structure and a new mass consciousness and a new people on the whole. Now we are contemporaries of such period. Abruptly, quickly during but few years the Soviet system of existence, which seemed unshakeable, collapsed. The former life conditions changed, the past ideology, which had structured the life and consciousness of millions of people, was rejected and anathematized and the people some day called “Soviet” practically vanished. The peculiarities of that time are still glimmering in the memory of the leaving generations. But after some generations the whole of the past life will seem far history, which irrevocably passed away into the past. The researchers of Russia’s history will study this period of Russia’s life in detail.
Now in Russia there is originating not only a new state structure, but also a new social formation. A new formation, which in the following centuries must substitute capitalism and become firmly established on the planet, will appear in Russia and spread from here. But as in the origination of any social structure a new all-national idea must appear first of all. It will form a new social structure and give the foundation for appearing a new people, a new culture, a new civilization.
In future Russia’s population, its culture, its ideology, its foundations, traditions will very little remind Russia of the present time. Another philosophy, science, culture, other forms of social governing will appear in the same way as in 1917. There will change the language, the system of values, faiths, the attitude to life, death, one’s own fate. A new ideology and culture must create quite another world outlook if masses.
In future Russia and its population will remind today’s Russia very little. A new social formation will me more progressive, more humane. A new Russian (“Rossiysky”) people will originate. Owing to the acception of new philosophic knowledge the attitude to nations, religious will change. A new philosophic teaching will lead to a real unity of peoples New knowledge about the essence of life and death, about the value of a person’s spiritual evolution will lead to a real moral change of the society.
But now this period is perceived as dramatic: critical social shocks, critical conflicts arising horror of life. This time is taken keenly in Russia also because it is moving in darkness; hardly anybody knows what is going to originate. All the complication of the process quite evidently in the fact that there goes on an active clash of the old with the bursting rough stream of new life forms in masses’ consciousness.
Any evolutionary destruction inevitably leads to deepening social and economic crisis.
Everything that our society is going through now makes one believe that there is still chaos in our country. But in reality chaos and difficult breaking processes are going on in masses’ consciousness.
It’s not by chance that there increased the national self-consciousness of many peoples. National culture, national language, national faith – all this is asserted as the most important in peoples’ life. This process is all-planetary. It is a pre-requisite, the first stage of the future unity of the planetary peoples.
“Unity” is the motto of the coming epoch. The same problem faces Russia. In Russia there is yet no single people united by common ideas, aims, as it was in the Soviet period of existence.
Our society is not ready for unification by the level of consciousness as yet. Enmity, hostility, religious chauvinism are typical of national relations. The task of overcoming national and religious consciousness of many peoples, the formation of a single people with a single ideology will arise especially acutely in Russia in the very near future, because the New social formation, the civilization of the epoch of Aquarius will be laid foundation to in Russia. The sensation of this role of Russia sounded in the statements of many spiritual and cultural agents of the world.
“The original way of Russia lies in the fact that the Messianic role of the carrier of the higher spiritual truth fell to the lot of its people. It is called upon to save humanity through new forms of life and art.”
F.M. Dostoyevsky.
The role of Russia in the formation of the new civilization is unique. In the evolutionary process of the planet some people always performed the vanguard role according to the plan of the cosmic hierarchy. Thus 3.5 thousand years ago the Judaic people founded and carried through millennia the religion of God-Father, not a God as personality, but the Universal Absolute. It was its mission, as the basis for the coming of a new teaching – Christianity was founded. The Judaic people created the soil for the coming of a new religion, more perfect and up to the time and tasks of the future development of the world. Everything in this world is functional; it arises from the past and is the basis for the future.
With the aim of intellect’s development the Greek people gave the world a whole galaxy of philosophers who lived in a very short period of time and developed logical thinking on the Earth.
The Indian people gave the initial basis of all religions existing on the Earth.
The French people was the first to realize and build the plan of the creation of God’s kingdom on the Earth, - the state system where all the peoples would live in a fraternal family, freely developing their economy, national originality, culture. These ideas of the Order of Knights Templars later promoted the appearance of esoteric secret societies, Masonic organization in Europe.
Now our people, united on a huge territory, represents the prototype of the future structure of the world, because it’s in our country that there lives a great number of completely different nationalities, cultures, beliefs. For the first time in the history of humanity it must create a voluntary unity of peoples realizing into life the idea of Order of Knights Templars: economic mutual help, mutual solving of agricultural problems, ecological problems, preservation and free development of all national original cultures, people’s self-government. It’s in Russia that a new Teaching must be accepted: a new ideology on the basis of ancient true knowledge of the essence of Universal life must be created.
A new teaching will face a most cruel struggle with religious and scientific institutions. In the new world outlook the notions of the essence of God, structure of the universe, the sense of life on the Earth will inevitably change. This world outlook will not be atheistic, but will completely reject modern church ideas as prejudices and superstitions. The new ideology, world outlook will be basically different from modern ones.
The creation of a new world outlook, which will inevitably come into being in Russia, is in fact the Messianic role of Russia.
That is why the opposition of “dark” and “light” forces will manifest itself in maximum in Russia. Now many reread the Bible, try to prophesy, juggling known facts to the gospel symbolic and esoteric texts which are truly understood by but few. But Jesus himself warned that his next coming would be the coming of the Holy Spirit, that is his ideas. And we see how in reality in our modern life two camps are fighting: the camp of light forces struggling for unity, fraternity. And the other camp about which the following is said in the prophecy “Revelation” by John the Theologian: “Brandishing with Christian banners, but calling for enmity and hatred, separation and struggle. Antichrist will pose as Christ and obscure consciousness with false slogans and chauvinistic religious movements).
All this is not surprising and quite natural as we are present at the childbirth of a new social structure. Childbirths always occur accompanied by sufferings.
Every man must choose his way to follow in the chaos of these events. The way of separation, national, religious, social hatred, under whatever flags and slogans it would be called upon or the way of unity, fraternity, interaction.
I am sure that in the XXI century the birth of the new social structure will come to its end. A new social formation, more human, corresponding to the new epoch will arise.
Russia will perform its mission. I am sure that a visible contradiction between materialism and idealism will overcome. Scientific thought will come to the revision of usual notions of man, world, cosmos. But for this first of all one should overcome old habits of thinking, clich?s, based on beliefs and dogmata’s thrust upon us. After all it’s not the first time in humanity’s life that man’s consciousness must be re-formed, and each reformation is painful. Our nearest future will differ as much from what we know today as the life of the end of the XIX century differs in everything from the life of the end of the XX century.
In order to understand the present fully, not to take a philistine’s narrow view of it, we must learn to operate with large scales of time and space, but not with tiny comparisons in small parts, where our recent past is quite unlike our future and where our present differs little from our past yet.
Meanwhile we must realize that in future in a new formation a transposition of ideas will come into being. It will not be a material paradise, but a spiritual – moral one, its result being a material one. But while all the energy and activity of man will be directed only at outer culture, only at domestic life, nothing will change, whatever progressive the forms of earthly being would be. Suffering will stay the same. As earlier humanity will suffer from calamities, illness, hunger. The source of evil lies in the violation of cosmic laws. These laws demand love and unity, but life is full of hatred and enmity. They demand balance between what you get and what you give, but modern man tries to get for himself as much as possible. They demand society’s responsibility for everyone, while our society is stricken with the poison of hatred and antagonism.
According to the opinion of the majority, no the revival of spirituality is most necessary. And many think that it’ll happen through spreading the Christian religion.
First of all one must realize the continuity of humanity’s spiritual evolution, its general tendency. One must realize that all the previous methods of influence upon man’s consciousness – prayers, ceremonies, fasting, etc. became hopelessly outdated.
The coming epoch will demand a new method of spiritual development which would more effectively help the appearance of a new consciousness. Only with the appearance of a new mass consciousness the unity of humankind in all aspects of existence: political, economical, cultural, spiritual is possible. The question arises: can Christianity form this consciousness or is a new world outlook needed? Many don’t see anything else but Christianity that could strength morality. That is majority wants to see the river only at a small part of its stream, wants to get to know only a pail of water instead of entering the stream. They don’t understand that a spiritual tradition, like everything appearing to life a definite moment in the history of mankind, inevitably gets old and dies.
It dies. Because among the adherents of any religion there is always a great number of people thinking primitively, unable to understand the profound sense hidden in the Teaching. The Teaching gradually turns into a religion, and officials succeed mystics and enthusiasts. The difference between a spiritual teaching and a religious institution lies in the fact that a religious institution bases itself upon the dogmata developed by officials. Dogma is absent in a spiritual Teaching, as the very notion of dogma is incompatible with living spiritual experience and freedom of thinking.
That is why it’s necessary to fully realize the danger of such distrustful and sometimes hostile, aggressive attitude to everything new.
It the history of humanity on the threshold of beginning epoch there always appeared new teachings and it was a necessary condition of humanity’s evolution. And a new teaching was always induced to defend itself, it was always accepted with difficulty. The Christian dogma, as it is now, is unable to satisfy the demands of reason. It demands a blind faith, it is in disharmony with intellect, while now humanity has a sufficiently developed intellectual potential, and it will allow to perform spiritual improvement not so much by the method of drawing into the dogmatic outdated faith, but by the method of drawing into esoteric knowledge and spiritual culture. Many so-called “seekers after spirituality” read the Gospel, the Koran and other sources being sure, that it is this, that is spiritual practice. It has no relation to spiritual practice and will change nothing in your consciousness. These sources can’t answer the question: “What was it that Jesus, Mohammed and Buddha taught?” because the do not proceed from original sources. We judge of the through the interpretations of adherents. Answers come to some standard phrases and principles. One should find out: what made these trends spiritually attractive during 2500 years up to our days?
It’s important to know under what conditions, in what cultural environment Buddha, Christ, Mohammed taught and to modified by contemporaries and late followers. These teachings are of universal importance, as they expressed the laws of timeless, extraterrestrial, cosmic reality, regardless of caste, faith or race. The teachings were substituted for church structures. Knowledge – for rituals and ceremonies.
The coming epoch puts new demands upon humanity. Not mechanical and formal adherence to church rituals and ceremonies, but active charity. Not chattering about the Cosmos and God, but real spiritual manifestations. The necessity of goodness and aspiration for spirituality are becoming a necessary condition without which the healthy development of humanity is impossible.
If our society acquaints itself with cosmic laws, if it becomes the basis of the process of upbringing since childhood, if the society observes them not under pain of social punishment but as the result of realized necessity, it will lead to a giant moral change.
At the beginning of every new epoch before humanity a huge task is set to create a synthesis of man’s knowledge and notion’s of the universe and himself. Now the planet is on the threshold of a new epoch. And again before humanity is the same task: it’s necessary to perform a synthesis of knowledge, to form new notions of the world we live in. To take the next step to a new understanding of higher truth which we call God, Universe, Man. The new philosophy will become a synthesis of all spiritual achievements of humanity during the past millennia. This philosophy will become the basis in the process of birth of a new all-planetary spiritual culture.
Humanity is only at the beginning of this epoch of evolution. We only begin to understand what love is in the universe. This is the task facing humanity!
Now we conceive the Earth as a place of comfortable staying, where from one should extract as much as possible. This notion must be replaced by a new one considering the Earth as an organism in formation, a whole system, uniting the planetary humanity, the world of nature and the cosmic Universe.
Every man will have to realize that he is the Earth’s son and must take care of it, but not destroy, that he is the Son of Man and obliged to take care of peace in the common family, of brotherly relations in it.
That, being a cosmic creature, he must submit to cosmic laws obligatory for the whole of the universe.
Let us be ready for the coming of the new epoch of Aquarius!